Unexpected absenteeism before the holidays in Lézignan-Corbières: part of the Christmas meal given to the Banque ali

Jean Castex's announcements led to a necessary reorganization of the menu provided at the Anglade canteen.Chef Rommelaere preferred to donate the oysters rather than spoil them and have to throw some away.

Faithful to his values, the chef of the Joseph-Anglade college canteen allowed many underprivileged people to enjoy a festive dish.

If the story is beautiful, it has for one origin an astonishing initiative - or rather disconcerting some say - on the part of the Prime Minister Jean Castex.During his speech on Tuesday before the school holidays, the latter declared that the children attending school in school, college or high school could stay at home on December 17 and 18 in order to prevent any risk of family contamination during the end of year celebrations.

What the Prime Minister may not have known is that Christmas meals and their special menus were already ready in all canteens in France.

This additional absenteeism therefore had unfortunate consequences for schools.At Anglade College, chef Pierre-Yves Rommelaere therefore decided to modify his plans, and not to serve the oysters of Leucate planned as starters, and to make them.donation to the Food Bank.

"To please"

"I decided to keep the baskets intact, not to open them and to keep them in order to be able to donate them, explained the chef.In this complicated period, I think that these festive products can please people.people who are not used to it ".

Posted Date: 2021-01-14

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