Do you own another home, or have you recently purchased real estate ? Why not supplement your income by welcoming holidaymakers!

Spring is back! In good weather, the gîtes and B&Bs will be full of tourists looking for a friendly and economical holiday. You too can take advantage of this craze, but only if you respect certain rules.Gite & guest roomOpening a bed and breakfast is not very restrictive. It is a question of renting one or more rooms in your main home by the day. As in a hotel, sheets and linen are provided and breakfast is included. In this configuration, you welcome the tourists in your home, in rooms that you have specially arranged. To be considered as a guest room, the room must be at least 12 m² and give access to sanitary facilities (private or not).As for the gîte, it is an independent accommodation from your residence, generally located nearby. Rented for the weekend or by the week, it must be equipped like your own home (linen and sheets excepted). There must be heating, an equipped kitchen…. It must also have at least one outdoor space such as a terrace or garden (private or not).Steps & formalitiesTo open a bed and breakfast, a simple declaration at the town hall is enough. This step is free of charge. Moreover, since January 1st, 2016, the sale of breakfast drinks is free and it is no longer necessary to obtain a licence. The prices including tax for the night and breakfast must be displayed outside the building, at the reception desk and in each room. In addition, a note must be given to the client for any service of €25 or more. However, you can only offer 5 rooms with a maximum capacity of 15 people.Opening a rural gîte also requires a declaration at the town hall. The owner must draw up a written contract for each rental (with a description of the premises, prices, payment and cancellation conditions, maximum number of occupants, amount of tourist tax, etc.). In principle, a gîte can accommodate a maximum of 12 people. However, there are specific forms of gîte that can accommodate groups of up to 100 people (group gîtes). Gîte or rooms, to optimise your chances of renting, it is possible to obtain a label from one of the many specialised organisations (Clévacances, Gîtes de France…). This formality is not obligatory but it will reassure the candidates for renting and facilitate their search.

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